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Hey Guys!

What are the odds... I was just reminiscing about 3DRad and thought I'd check to see if the web-site still existed.
It's great to hear from both of you guys and I hope you both are doing well during these crazy times.

It's been many years, I was probably 13 or 14 years old when I first met you both... I'm 32 now, so yea... time has definitely flown by.
I'd love to catch up over chat again... Sadly I don't have MSN Messenger ( or all those old IM chats we used to use! LOL! )

@Exavior, do you still have that old RPG game you were working on? ;-) I'll never forget how cool of a project that was! I think I still have you as a friend on Xbox Live haha!

@Gigabyte, I'll never forget the free hosting you provided for my Sudden Death tank game :D!

haha, those were some great memories!
Let's definitely catch up sometime!

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