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Hey guys! Wow, awesome to see old 3DRad'ites still kicking about. I used to go by "Mark" back in the day.

I was like, in my mid-teens back then. Kind of lost touch with game development after v5.2. After that i kicked around, did some modding in various games, and life just happened I guess.

Started looking around to reconnect with my 3DRad roots a bit, as I recently got the opportunity to re-ignite that old passion by enrolling in university. For the next 3 years I will be studying Game Development - Programming, and working my way to towards a Bachelors degree in Information Technology.  I  thought 33 was too old to go back to school, but I decided it's better late than never to pursue childhood dreams. :)

So great to see old faces again, kind of wish I could get old 5.2 or 2.6 working again... I wonder if 1.x could actually run in DosBox?  ;D

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